Song Kheng Hai Food Court

Went to Song Kheng Hai food court again on a very hot Sunday. This time we ordered from other stalls that we never try before. Tried the Nasi Briyani from an indian stall, doesn’t taste very good.  The yellow rice seems to be just coloring and doesn’t have the real nasi briyani taste. As for the “Chu Bee P’ng”, good luck pronouncing the hokkien dialect name for the delicacy. Its one type of glutinous rice. which comes in three flavours,  “red bean, salty and yam”. Nowadays, you can find the salty and yam flavours only.

red bean or "ang tao chan loot"

chu bee png

glutinous or " chu bee p'ng"

nasi briyani ayam

nasi briyani

Refer the map on the older post here

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